We can assist you with creating, structuring, and optimizing data tracking & analytics accounts for your business's paid advertising campaigns. This end-to-end tracking bundle requires access to your digital advertising accounts and wherever conversions are tracked (e.g., your website).

Services offered within this bundle includes the creation of the following tracking & analytics accounts:
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) Account
  • Facebook Pixel
Additional services available in the Tracking & Analytics Bundle include:
  • Tracking Implementation for Winnow's Ad Campaign Management services
  • Web Analytics Reporting
  • Limited Third-Party Integration
Winnow's value:
Effectively promoting your business through paid advertising requires the creation and implementation of tracking codes that will record and analyze critical actions taken by digital leads. This service allows you to better understand how much revenue is generated from your paid advertising campaigns - not just the campaign clicks.
Requirements from client:
We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how your Paid Advertising Campaigns performed, including Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS). In order to do this accurately, we need access to the digital assets that are used in your Ad Campaign Management services. If we are unable to access your digital assets, then you will be responsible for implementing the tracking codes for your paid ad campaigns.