Cookie Policy

Our website ("site" or "sites") uses cookies. These cookies are used for several purposes including providing you with a good user experience while you use our site and assisting us in the ongoing improvement of our site. By browsing and/or using our site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

A cookie is a small piece of text used to save information on your web browser and, if you agree, on your hard drive. Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. The information in a cookie is transferred to your computer’s hard drive, phone, or other device, depending on how you accessed our site.

Types of Cookies:

Our site uses the following types of cookies:

  • Analytical Cookies: these cookies enable our site to count the number of visitors to the site and to determine how users (such as you) are using our site. This information helps us to improve our site, thus allowing us to create a better user experience for our visitors.
  • Essential Cookies: these cookies are essential for the operation of our site. Essential cookies contain information that allows users to login to secure accounts, perform any payment related services, and allows us to know when you started and ended a secure session.
  • Function Cookies: these cookies allow our site to recognize you when you return to our website. Function cookies enable the site to personalize content for you such as remembering your geographic region.
  • Targeting cookies: these cookies log your visit to our site, make note of the pages you have visited, and any links you may have followed. Our site does not set first party targeting cookies, however, it is possible that the third-party cookies that are set through our site are targeting cookies.

First Party/Winnow Cookies

The site sets some cookies that are required for the site to operate properly. These cookies do not capture any personal identification information. Information collected by these cookies includes:

  • Visitor Identification: this cookie does not track any personal identification about the user, rather, it is simply assigns a numeric value to the user that allows the site to provide a consistent and easy to navigate experience while the user is browsing the site;
  • Session Identification: this cookie allows us to identify your website session; and
  • Page: this cookie identifies the page you are on while browsing our site.

Third-Party Cookies

Our site may set several third-party cookies. We do not control the operation of these cookies nor the information that may be collected by them. You will need to review the individual privacy policies of these third parties to determine what information they collect and how that information is used. Third-party cookies that may be set on our site include:

  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics enables us to collect data and information about website usage. The data we collect via Google Analytics does not include any personally identifiable information. Please review Google Analytics privacy policy here:
  • Crazy Egg: Crazy Egg enables us to collect data and information about our website usage. The data we collect via Crazy Egg does not include any personally identifiable information. Please review Crazy Egg’s privacy policy here:
  • Stripe: Stripe enables us to process user payments. Our site does not store any user’s credit card information. Our site will only store a reference that the transaction has occurred, all credit card information is stored securely by Stripe. Please review Stripe’s privacy policy here:
  • Bugsnag: Bugsnag enables us to monitor and fix any errors our website may have that prevents it from operating properly. Please review Bugsnag’s privacy policy here:
  • Facebook, Amazon, and Google: Facebook, Amazon, and Google are authentication providers. When users login to their secure accounts on our site, we use these three providers to authenticate the user’s access. Please find their respective privacy policies here:

Blocking Cookies:

Your web browser allows you to block cookies by activating the appropriate setting in your browser. You have the option to block all cookies or some cookies. Please note that if you set your browser to block all cookies parts of our site may become inaccessible to you.

Changes To Our Cookie Policy:

Our policies, including this Cookie Policy, are under regular review. As such, we may update our policies as required. Any updates or changes will be posted on this web page.


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