We can assist you with creating and optimizing digital advertising accounts on a variety of platforms for your business's paid advertising campaigns. These digital advertising platforms could include Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedln, and Twitter.

Services offered within this bundle includes the creation of any of the following advertising accounts for Winnow's Ad Campaign Management services (limit of two per bundle):
  • Facebook / Instagram Ad Account
  • Google Ad Account
  • Linkedln Ad Account
  • Twitter Ad Account
Additional services available in the Add Account Bundle include:
  • Ad Account Audit for all active (3 months or older) Digital Advertising Accounts
  • Implementation of Account Audit Recommendations
  • Paid Advertising Strategy
  • Creating, Publishing, & Optimizing Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Paid Advertising Campaign Performance Reporting
Additional services available in the Add Winnow's value:
Navigating the account creation process can be complicated for business owners. This service allows clients to promote their business through paid advertising campaigns with a hassle-free approach to professionally managed digital advertising platforms.
Requirements from clients:
We will create and set up your digital advertising accounts on your behalf. This process requires email verification from clients to confirm their new digital advertising account - this is typically sent directly from the digital platform to the email address used to open the account. Additionally, we need access to your digital assets that are used in your Ad Campaign Management services.